Month: August 2012

NSW Beekeepers Registration Renewal

The attached document details changes to the NSW beekeepers Licensing Service submitted by Mick Rankmore, Regulatory Specialist, Apiaries, Agricultural Compliance NSW Department of Primary Industries PO Box 546 Gunnedah, 35-37 Abbott Street, Gunnedah NSW 2380 Tel: 02 6741 8374   F: 02 6742 4018   Mob: 0402 078 963 Email: [email protected] Web: NSW Government

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Colours and Heat Transfer

I set up a small experiment to get a handle on exactly how much effect the colour of a hive body and cover has on the heat transfer (by sunlight) to the inside of the hive. The following are my observations so far.  I need to make more measurements before reaching any conclusions but I

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